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Wisdom teeth?

when you get your wisdom teeth pulled out, do the dentists numb your mouth or do they pull it out when your asleep?

Wisdom teeth?
it depends like if you go to a dentist then more than likely they%26#039;re are only going to numb you alot, but if you go to an oral surgeon then they usually give you a choice if you want to be awake or asleep....
Reply:They numb your mouth and give you anesthesia.
Reply:Oh god. i had both of my wisdom teeth pulled out and it hurt like mother after the numbing stuff wore out. I suggest mentally preparation at least 3 hours in advance. good luck.

Reply:i just had 2 out today and they numb you up... and pretty well i must say... just remember to take the meds before the numbing medication wears off cause then you will tart to feel the pain..

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Wisdom Teeth??

Yesterday 1/8/2008 I had my stiches from my wisdom teeth surgery removed and today 1/9/2008 without thinking I drank pop from a straw. Was it to early to drink from a straw????

Wisdom Teeth??
i think you will be ok
Reply:They do recommend not doing that right after surgery. If it didn%26#039;t start bleeding, I wouldn%26#039;t worry about it.
Reply:I am assuming it was the week before this you had your wisdom teeth pulled, right? You should be fine now to drink from a straw. Generally, they want you to wait 24-48 hours, so you should be fine.

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Wisdom teeth?

Ok...This is a big thing...last week I had a tooth extracted...tomorrow I%26#039;m having another one extracted. Of course I%26#039;m nervous, but I also found out I%26#039;ve got two wisdom teeth coming in, and no space for them. So, if the dentist can%26#039;t get them out, will I be referred to an Oral Surgeon, and if so, what will happen then? Thanks!

Oh, one more thing. With the most recent extraction, the dentist didn%26#039;t give me sutures, so I%26#039;ve got this big ole space in my gums...and food get stuck there. It%26#039;s really annoying Do you think that if I asked, he%26#039;d give me sutures this time? I hate that feeling!

Wisdom teeth?
The space will close with time, just keep it clean and infection won%26#039;t set in. Your dentist will look at it again when you go back just to make sure it%26#039;s healing properly.

If he cannot extract the wisdom teeth himself then yes you will be referred to an oral surgeon and either you%26#039;ll be awake, numb but awake, or put to sleep, depends on the oral surgeon as well as your fears which you can request to be put to sleep.


Wisdom Teeth?

I think I am just starting to get my wisdom teeth in. I can%26#039;t really tell for sure, but I feel that my teeth are more extended than they used to be and I am constantly biting my inside cheek. We don%26#039;t have dental insurance so I%26#039;d like to be able to be sure before I have to go to a dentist. If there%26#039;s a way to tell, please let me know.

Also, it seems that this is only for the left side of my mouth. Is that likely to happen? Would it be something else?

Thank you.

Wisdom Teeth?
If there is enough room for your teeth, you won%26#039;t even necessarily have to do anything. You are allowed to have wisdom teeth!

You could keep biting your cheek because it got swollen by the first random accident - try and suck on some ice and be extra careful for a few days.

You can get free dental care often at dental schools.

Good luck, I hope it%26#039;s nothing :)
Reply:It is possible for only one side to come in. Contact a Dental School they will do it for free
Reply:The best way to know is to get a panoramic x-ray. It will show all your wisdom teeth, unfortunately they do cost money. It is common for one side to be a problem. If it is something else, the x-ray will show it.
Reply:You really need an ex-ray, or several of them of your mouth to really tell what is going on with wisdom teeth that have not come in yet. The reason they often pull them is because they get, %26quot;impacted,%26quot; meaning that they are caught on the tooth in front of them and they can%26#039;t come in. I had all four pulled at one time about thirty-five years ago. It is not that big a deal, when it is all over. If your teeth are already close together they can easilly become impacted, but if they come in with no problem, let them stay. When I was young I had a lot of dental work done and I wish I had not had about half of it done because when I got older my teeth had a lot of weak spots and several of them have crumbled to stubs. If you need dental work done, get it done, but do not let some dentist just drill and fill so he can pay his kids college tuition or whatever. I think that a lot of dentists find problems where there really is not a problem. If you go to the dentist every six months from age ten until twenty and the dentist drills two holes in your teeth each time, that is forty holes in your teeth and even though they are filled the integrity of the tooth is compromised and you will have to have that spot worked on again about every ten to twenty years. Sorry about going on so long but I am an avid %26quot;anti-dentite%26quot; because I feel that dentists in the sixties and seventies set me up for tooth problems later in life without warning me at all. They will not tell you but fillings are not permenant, they do need to be replaced every so many years.
Reply:Wisdom teeth usually appear between the ages of 16 and 24.More remedies and information regarding your wisdom teeth at
Reply:May that%26#039;s your wisdom teeth coming in and you might need to go the denist from some pain relief medicaiton. I don%26#039;t think it something else. Just take your time when chewing food.
Reply:There is a company that offers dental benefits for about $20.00 a month for your whole household. You would have to go to the website below and see if they have a provider in your area. If you were to join you could set an appointment for a consultation and get some estimation of the cost. I went to long without getting my wisdoms out and ended up with an infection! OUCH!


Wisdom Teeth?

I am 14, and my dentist says that my wisdom teeth are coming in. I can feel them, and one (on the bottom) seems to be coming in sort of under the other tooth and tilting it up. It doesn%26#039;t hurt right now. Do you think I am going to have to get it surgically removed?

Wisdom Teeth?
Sounds like it.. it%26#039;s not good for your mouth to get crowded.. but don%26#039;t sweat it..I had 4 impacted wisdom teeth and it didn%26#039;t hurt a bit.. I had them surgically removed in the afternoon, and was out that evening to a restaurant. Not everyone has a bad experience.. just take their advice. Ask him about dry socket, and heed the advice.. it can be very nasty. Important.. it will be almost too irrisistable, but don%26#039;t stick your tongue in the hole where the tooth was removed.. you can dislodge the blood clot, and thats when you get dry socket, and it is extremely painful..My brother didn%26#039;t listen and he suffered majorly. will probably have to come out. I had to go through it too. I hated it. I recommend having the doctor put you under while they do it.
Reply:It depends. Sometimes they don%26#039;t hurt, but start moving the other teeth aside anyway. Becasue of the way yours is coming in, most likely yes. It%26#039;s not terrible having your wisdom teeth removed, and your dentist knows how to do it the most comfortable way he/she can.
Reply:almost everyone needs their wisdom teeth taken out- don%26#039;t worry about it....


Wisdom teeth?

im 18 male, my 4 wisdom teeth were fully erupted and pulled on july 20th (40 days ago) there are still 4 %26quot;gaps%26quot; or %26quot;holes%26quot; were the teeth used to be, just wanted to ask if there is still some thing i should avoid, example : certain type of foods or wut not or can i eat the chips and all of that again.

Wisdom teeth?
No chips or nuts nothing small cuz it could get in the gaps then you will have bad breath. Once they heal you could eat anything again. I had the same problem at your again.
Reply:You should be fine. There isnt any space for food to get stuck in therefore no infections. 40 days should be plenlty to start eating all foods again.
Reply:You should be fine! The doctor actually sewed mine shut after he pulled my wisdom teeth, so I didn%26#039;t have to worry about it.
Reply:Well I just recently went to get mine pulled and I was told that when food does get in there it will all just break itself down. And Even when I first got them pull when I was still numb I was already eating pizza and my teeth are just fine
Reply:Consult your oral surgeon, but it%26#039;s best to rinse your mouth after eating to avoid infection. He probably sewed up the gums well, and may even have you on antibiotics, but you want to make sure that nothing nasty gets into the open wound and finds a home there.
Reply:After a week or so, you should start to eat regular food.
Reply:your doctor should have given you a list and had a check up, once you are released they usually tell you if you think you can eat it then do but if it hurts stop. just be careful and please make sure that you brush after everything you eat. and if your doctor gave you a needle looking think that would be used to rinse the holes continue to use it. always make sure you rinse your mouth because that is how a simple pulling can turn into a cavity and mouth decay
Reply:one thing you should know is that it takes time for things to go back to normal. You may continue to have %26quot;holes for some time, but don%26#039;t worry, thy should fill back in. In the mean time, don%26#039;y eat popcorn, chips,nuts or hard candy. these things can log in the spaces and become homes for bacteria wich can infect your gums and teeth. Keep brushing regulary,and try to only lightly brush the %26quot;holes%26quot; and rinse with listerine or some generic for of it. This will help with bacteria, and it antiseptic.

hope this info helps. I recently made a appointment to have mine out ;%26gt;
Reply:Always have your wisdom teeth removed by a specialist oral %26amp; Maxillofacial surgeon. To find out about impacted teeth, prophylactic wisdom tooth surgery, general tooth extraction (including adjacent tooth shifts), types of anesthesia (oral sedation, IV sedation, local LA or general GA), stitches, complications, dry socket, lump lip or tongue, and dental implants in Australia, go to

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Wisdom Teeth?

So my wisdom teeth first starting coming in when I was almost 22, I am now 23 and they%26#039;re less then half way threw cutting threw the gums. Actually I only have them on the left side. The gums will swell like they did the when the tooth first started to cut them the gums but then nothing more happens. Is this normal? Am I going to have them removed?

Wisdom Teeth?
Most dentists think it is best to remove them. You should see a dentist about this. You are suffering more from them now than if you would if you just had them removed. Most people don%26#039;t have this many issues with them coming in.
Reply:going to have tho get your wisdom teeth removed you really don%26#039;t need them.
Reply:it is very common to have them removed..since we really do not need those teeth...i am 22 myself and mine are still comin in..but unfortunately are coming in crooked..and pushed out one of my fillings in the i have a huge whole which exposed my root...and believe me that kills...but just in case, because wisdom teeth do seem to cause alot of problems with other teeth, i would consider gettin them removed so no future problems proceed....
Reply:They%26#039;ll probably have to remove them, I%26#039;m 16, got 2 of them in and had them both removed because my gum line wasn%26#039;t long enough to keep them and it was ridiculously painful.

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